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Many people think playing poker against other players is the only way to make money in Las Vegas. This article will demonstrate that it is possible to play video poker against the casino and make money in the long term. As we all know, there are many “up swings” and “down swings” in gambling; with this in mind, this article focuses on the expected long- term value (EV) of playing video poker. I will also explain how you can make over $14 an hour playing video poker if you choose the right machine with the best pay table, plus how to learn and master optimum video poker strategy.

Full Pay Deuces Wild (FPDW) 100.76%

Pay Table:  250, 200, 25, 15, 3, 2, 1

FPDW royal



Deuces Wild (Random Machine) 97.58%

Pay Table 250, 200, 20, 12, 10, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1



In the above pictures, you will notice both machines are called “Deuces Wild.” They look almost the same. They play the same. You insert money into both of them and you are dealt five cards with an option to keep or draw any or all of the cards; this, however, is where the similarities end. The big, major, and most important parts of both the “Deuces Wild” machines are the pay tables. Look at the machine on the top and compare it with the machine on the bottom. Notice how it pays more for royal flushes with deuces, five of a kinds, and four of a kinds while the machine on the bottom pays less for these key hands? The one on the top gives you more money on those key hands. The machine on the bottom pays less on these key hands. The machine on the top may pay a little bit more for less frequent straight flushes and five of a kinds, but they do not make up for the advantages of the FPDW pay table on the top.

Below is a chart of the most profitable video poker game in Las Vegas called Full Pay Deuces Wild. The payoff for playing every hand correctly is 100.76%. You might think that is a small edge and not worth your time, but, if you are willing to learn and master the strategy, along with accepting the “down swings” and risks, you could make over $14 an hour playing the $0.25 version of this game. You may wonder, “Why can’t I just quadruple that hourly and make over $54 an hour playing the $1 version?” Yes, it is possible, providing you can find a $1 version of this game that has not been slowed down by the casino operator. The $1 FPDW machine does appear from time to time, but when it does happen, those machines quickly disappear. Basically, casinos cannot tolerate a loss of $54 an hour as opposed to $14 an hour. There could be other reasons why these machines sometimes appear and disappear, but, I can only guess. To combat the loss, many casinos only give 12 points for every $1 wagered, some do not award points at all.

Notice the areas that are highlighted in green on the chart. This is how you can calculate your hourly rate of return when playing Full Pay Deuces Wild. Playing one hand at $1.25 will give you an expected EV of $0.0095 or almost 1 penny! Big deal, huh? Well, let’s do some basic math and see how this is a big deal:

One hand takes about two to three seconds to complete playing at a moderate pace of speed. (See what 25 hands a minute looks like in the video below.)

(1 hand) X 25 = 25 hands per minute. (25 hands) X 60 minutes (1 hour) = 1500 hands. 1500 hands X $0.0095 = $14.25

This is a big deal! It is almost double the minimum wage in this country! And, if you can pick up the pace, you can make even more! Plus, this does not count the points and status you will gain from the casino in which you play.


FPDW big chart




Tools and websites to help you learn and find the Full Pay Deuces Wild machines: is a fun and educational way to learn how to play FPDW and other video poker machines. It will also lead you to more advanced software to teach you to play FPDW at an optimum level. Please click on the link below to help support our website:

and is a valuable resource to find video poker machines all over the United States. You can find machines by casino or by where your favorite machine is at:

If I am in a town or casino and I want to find the best machines, I usually just google “vpfree2 (casino name or town)” and it will lead me to the best paying machines.

There will be more articles to come about other versions of video poker that pay no profit; however, when combined with slot club points, you can gain a tremendous advantage and profit when you play. This will come in handy when you are playing at casinos or cities that do not have Full Pay Deuces wild or other machines that pay over 100%.

Good luck and hit some royals…

Lance M.


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